“Effective democratization can always be measured by this essential criterion: the participation in and the access to the archive, its constitution and interpretation.” (Jacques Derrida)

“History is performative reenactment.” (Amelia Jones)


Project Embodied is a performative and post-fetishist archive that collects performances, time-based and experiential works through the memory of writers. The psychophysical existence of the writer and the performance of writing itself are also considered to unfold the potential of the writing practice as a tool and as a material on its own in order to develop more experimental ways of documentation.

Despite the popularity of performances and time-based art, not to mention the archive fever manifested in the excited and at times frustrated audience using their phones to capture the works, there is a lack of knowledge and artist-led discourse around its place in and outside of the art museum or academia. Project Embodied thusly aims to activate a field of plural but also antagonistic public spheres with questions and perspectives on how we can document different modalities of art that involves the notion of performativity and participation.

Project Embodied is an invitation and collective effort to improve the archival practice for performances and time-based works by rethinking them not as ephemeral but that which remains differently. It is not merely a collection of documentation but a conversation between the performers and the audiences.  Each collection item in the form of a writing gives testimony for space and time where the audience learned about the performer, where the performer met with the audience, and where the art was in between.

Project Embodied commissions writers to archive the experienced performance or time-based work in the form of a writing. The writings are added to this online public archive with selected writings published in the art journal The Invisible Archive. Writers or artists who are interested in participating can contact Natalie Mik (projectembodied@gmail.com).