Project Embodied creates social gathering and archiving for performative, time-based and experiential works.

We organize intimate events where the artist can meet with a curious, small group of people to present work that requires a live audience. Each gathering presents a social happening where the audience learns about the performer, where the performer learns about the audience, and where the art is in between.

Despite the growing presence of performances in the visual art context, there is a lack of knowledge and research around this discipline. The practice of writing is one of the most crucial but underdeveloped methods to document performative works. Such documentation presents the foundation for more information access, building an archive and ultimately a stronger discourse. We address this problem by actively building and adding to a discourse that is artist-led and artist-owned. Therefore, Project Embodied commissions one writer for each performance to document the work experienced. The writings are added to the project’s free and public online archive with selected writings published in the performance art journal The Invisible Archive.

Project Embodied is organized by Natalie Mik with the help of artists and writers based in Los Angeles and New York.